When I was 30, and talking to my mom about marriage.....
she told me that she thought I would be happier if I never tied the knot.
before you get all up in arms about her anti-marriage views.....
let me point out that she has been living in wedded bliss for over 70 years, 
and her four other children have spouses.
It was just me.
She knows her chillins so well!
Of course...
I didn't believe her, 
and had to succumb to society's (and my hormones) pressures, 
dating anything and everything that wasn't nailed down.
I think I even dated some inanimate objects too.....
At one point I was even engaged.
(boy, that freaked me out.....)
(I realized, that once we got married he would never go home
I have a good friend, Jeff, who was married once,
he still likes his ex-wife.
he told me the problem at the end of a nice day together was that she didn't leave.
He now has reached the same conclusion I have, 
we are both living in single bliss.
there are downsides to living alone.
Last week I had to waste 20 smackers on a co-pay at my doctor's office.
There was a round red spot the size of a nickle on the back of my thigh.
If I had a mate, he would have been able to look at it for me.
It was hard to see in the mirror.
I twisted thisa way and thata way, and still couldn't get a good view.
I was afraid it was a Lyme tick bite.
(It wasn't)
The bulls eye rash can take some time to appear, and I didn't want to take any chances, since it's an epidemic here in the good old Massachusetts. 
My family, full of doctors, wasn't around.
(useless people)
So I did what any freaked out old biddy would do
and went to the doc.
At least she didn't laugh at me.
No tick bite.
Not even a bite.
It was just a little patch of psoriasis or eczema or something like that.
Weird, but not lethal.
Very attractive!!!!!
If I was married I could have save 20 big ones.
But don't worry.....
I will make at least that much this month from this blog.
This was just a post with TMI.
You guys are so special, I tell you everything!!!!!

Before I go.....
I have written a guest post over at Fine Craft Guild on color and pattern flow, just an FYI.

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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