Our simple pregnancy announcement I placed on my Social Media Sites

Yes, now you know, what's been taking up a lot of my time and energy, and the 'excuse' for my 'ho-humm' & fewer posts- a new life growing inside me!!!

Not so big yet but shorts un-buttoned already!

We could't be happier my friends, after my heart-breaking miscarriage two years ago, we didn't want to get any ones hopes up, including our own even if we found out as early as 7 weeks!
 We called ourselves 'cautiously optimistic'.
 Aside from our own devastation, close family and friends were also heart-broken, so this time we decided to wait before we were positively sure everything would be ok.
And by now it seems to be so!!! Hoooray!!!!!
I'm 16 weeks going!

How big my baby probably is right now

I have so many thoughts going thru my mind right now, after all, I am under the AMA category (Advanced Maternal Age - uggghhh), riskier for sure for both me and the baby.

Ok, I admit, I'm not that old.

We did not plan on this too, after Aidan was born, it took us 7 years to conceive again and now, this one makes a 9 year gap from my youngest.

My husband and kids are super excited, perhaps even more than me, we were all bursting inside on when to tell our friends and family especially my older son, but we patiently waited until today!

My actual belly shot recently taken in Destin

As I was contemplating on how we were gonna break the news, I saw some other interesting ways of sharing a pregnancy...


Getting the Whole Family Involved

Artistically Direct to the point

Well-said by Jennifer Youngblood photography
Anyone can do this shot, perfect!

Something more hip perhaps?!
How about some chalkboard art?

We still need your prayers though, it's still a long ways off until my due date and I truly am hopeful, excited, happy, a bit scared and of course, praying that baby will be alright.

So bear with me if I post occasionally  on 'baby stuff' on my blog, after all this blog is called 
"Life & home at 2102", and this new baby will definitely be a HUGE PART OF THAT LIFE!!!!

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

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