One of my helpful readers....(you know who you are....) left a comment...
 that if I wanted to get better pictures when I blew up details...
 I should scan the magazine pictures in a higher resolution.
scanning is not my favorite thing to do.
It be boring......
scanning in high resolution be EVEN MORE BORING!!!!!
But I went ahead and rescanned the cottage story again in the higher rez,
 so the pictures are more better for you guys.
Here's a redo of the dining/coffee table in my little seaside cottage.
This is what I gave you in my last post.
I've learned something new, and it didn't hurt too much!!!!!

I gave you this.....
And was able to redo it like THIS!!!!!
And this.....
to this.....
I rescanned it all in high rez, which took FOREVER.....
and I now have lots of better pictures to show you all,.

Going back to the first shot, since it's clearer, I have more to tell you now that you can see it.
I told you about the bamboo flat ware and the wine glasses, but I didn't talk about the sardine boxes that I originally collected for this house.
They are now down in Florida, in a collection in my dining room stored in my little bamboo bookcase.
If you want to read about my sardine boxes, click here.
I arranged them on my coffee table when it wasn't set for dinner.
I also had a set of little dish coasters that were painted with different fish.
I used a collection of different scale cabbage rose fabrics mixed in the room.
On the pair of chair seat cushions I placed a REALLY REALLY big rose print that I just loved.
For the back pillows I scaled it down to a more traditional size..
The sofa print had even smaller roses.
On the sofa I mixed in needlepoint, embroidered and crocheted toss pillows that I'd picked up over the years.
I found a much smaller scale old fashioned feeling cotten for the windows.
The treatment between the bookcases was a really simple one of just hanging a flat piece of fabric on a rod and tying up the two sides with cord.
For the longer panels, I installed a thin white wooden rod and had tabs added to the tops of the drapery panels that then were just ties in bows to the dowels. 
The lower cabinets housed all sorts of things I needed as well as my TV in the center one.
To make sure that the insides didn't mildew, seeing as I was right on the ocean, I designed the doors to have an Arts and Crafts feel adding a detail of squares and lines that are actually cut outs in the door panels.
For the days that were a little chilly, I had toe kick heaters installed under the cabinets, that's why there's a grill under the doors.
The bookcases held my china and glasses, being just off the kitchen.
I had collected fish plates as well as lots of Mexican glassware from Pier One.
that's it for this part of the living room.
We still have some more to talk about, but that will be for next time.

All of the above pictures have been from Decorating Magazine and the Boston Globe Magazine, photographed by Eric Roth.

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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