When I first saw my little cottage, the house had been used as a rental property and was being sold furnished.
The furniture arrangement had a little dining table against one wall and a sofa against the other with miscellaneous items strewn around the room.
It made the space feel cramped and small.
I decided that the best solution was to combine the purposes of chairs and tables, 
so they would do double duty, and create a larger feel.
(Oh yeah.....
I made the cover of the magazine.....
not tooting my own horn or nothin', but 
I rocked!!!!!)
 Where was I?????
Oh yeah, multipurposed stuff.....
I used the table in front of the sofa as both a coffee and dining table, so the wicker chairs function for both lounging  and dining.
I loved this old English piece that had been cut down, it was ginormous!
It made a very cozy eating area and was great for entertaining,.
Instead of placemats, I used shallow baskets that I found at Pier One when it was still a store with fun and unusual finds.
I had bamboo handled flatware that I bought when I first got out of collage.
I wanted it because I grew up with something similar, and I wanted to be just like my Mom!!!!!
The wine glasses were another Pier One purchase, and I loved them, they held a 
Over the sofa I hung an original water color that I bought from a local artist.
I mixed it with a couple of 1940's prints and some Haviland plates.
I found the brackets on line, they may have been from Ballard Design, I can't remember, this was 26 years ago.......
The vases I picked up for a song from a junky antique store, they had major chips on the rims, so I just placed them so the defects were in the back.....
The woven chairs I also found at Pier One.
I really trolled that store for this house.
I know this isn't a long post.....
and I only wrote two this week.....
but I've been finishing up things for my niece Miriam's baby shower and IT'S TODAY!!!!!
So I have to wash my hair and get ready for being a properly behaved aunt.
I have to find something to wear other than sweat pants.....
I don't do well in social situations where I'm supposed to behave myself.
My sister-in-law offered to poke me if I started misbehaving,
 but I told her if she did that I'd deck her.
On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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