Why Can't Anything Be Easy?????

Let's go back to my niece Miriam's home, and see what I've been up to!!!!
Last time we were there.....
It looked like this!!!!!
I was trying to find an ottoman that matched the one on the right.
My first attempt was STOOPID!!!!!
I made a rookie's mistake, and forget to check the dimensions before I had Miriam buy it.
it was toooo small.....
I found the one on the right on eBay.
I wanted a 1930's style.
The first one was fairly easy to find, 

so I was careless in my attention when choosing the second one....
...I thought it was biggerer.....
but it was littlerer.......
I found it on Craig's List.
Feeling sheepish and guilty, I became a bloodhound in the search of a replacement footstool.....
It took me almost 9 months.....
maybe I wasn't really looking the whole time.....
But that's what I told Miriam and Ross.....
They just had their baby, so I hope they're too busy to read this post!!!!!
So this is the best I could find.
The width and depth were almost the same as the first one.
Buttttt.....it was shorterer.....
I didn't want to have to drive an hour out to Worcester, which is in western Massachusetts, so I arranged to meet the seller at her dentist's office in Brookline which is just outside of Boston.
So there I was....
 waiting in the dentist office....
 listening to drills....
 all for my niece Miriam. 
Of course, the woman I was meeting had been held up in traffic,
 and was 20 minutes late.
I sorta felt a little awkward,... sitting by myself in the waiting room... not being a patient.....
But the ladies behind the check in desk were very nice, and even let me use the rest room!!!!!

The new footstool wasn't as tall as the first one, but I figured I could resolve that in the reupholstering.
The legs were a little different.
But I told Miriam that that just made it more interesting!!!!!
She believes anything I tell her!!!!!
here they are, side by side in my workroom.
They are both from the 1930's, however, with the slightly different leg styles, there was a 1.5" difference in height.
Before I stripped them, I took some pictures of how they had been done, so that if I got confused, I would have something to refer to.
My upholstery teacher, told us to always take detail pictures.
It's a really good idea.
You think that you'll remember how it went together, because it takes so long to take it apart.....
but you can't....
at least I CAN'T!!!!!

The corners were hand stitched closed.
I would never have know to do that.
I would have sewn the whole piece together, and then cried when I couldn't get it on properly.
that's what my project was.
Next post I will show you how I made these things look somewhat the same.
I will show you how GREAT they look in Miriam's living room.
Are you excited?????
Can you wait?????
This is good stuff!!!!!

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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