When I bought my cottage in Dennis Port on Cape Cod, the bathroom was off the kitchen.
Which meant you had to go through the kitchen to get to the bathroom.
Which meant that you had to walk a ways in the middle of the night to get to the bathroom.

Which meant that if you were taking a shower and then getting dressed, and you had company, you had to walk by everybody in a bathrobe that made you look a million pounds heavier.......

So I redesigned the house, so the bathroom door was by the bedrooms.
I will be showing you guys the floorplans in a bit.
After I finish showing all the pictures.
This way is probably backwards, but that's the way I'm doing it.......
The house originally had three bedrooms.
One was so small that you had to enter it sideways to fit in the room with a twin bed.
That's not the way I rolllllll.....
I don't mind  a small room, but walking sideways is taking it beyond quaint.
So, I removed the third bedroom, made the second one a little larger, and created a bathroom that also had a stacked washer/dryer.
For the sink, I found an old English pine server that I had converted into the vanity,
Across from the sink was the toilet and closet with the washer and dryer.
Boy do I wish this was the days of digital cameras!!!!!
I have nothing to show you.
I found an old frame that I painted gold, and waxed with dark wax, and then had the mirror added.
Since I didn't have a medicine cabinet, I had the drawers in the server rebuilt, so that they were able to fit around the sink, by keeping the front but reworking the box of the drawer.
 On either side of the mirror, I installed a pair of vintage looking aged brass sconces with white linen shades.
There was a school house light fixture in the ceiling, so the room had lots of illumination,
I clad the room in beadboard, and used simple white 4 X 4 glazed tile for the backsplash around the sink, as well as inside the shower.
Since part of the ceiling of the shower was slanted, 
due to access to the upstairs loft,
 I repeated the slant in the opening to the shower, creating a peaked entrance.
I hung the shower curtain on hooks installed on the wall inside the stall that separates the sink from the wet room.
I had three installed on that wall, allowing the curtain to be folded into thirds and hung there
out of sight.
When in use, it was hooked on the hook that's holding the bath brush in the shot below, 
stretching between the hooks,
 nice and taught.
Very simple, yet effective.
I felt very clever!!!!!
I had never seen this done before.....
I always like a place to sit or a ledge to place my leg in a shower.
 (for shaving, when I used to do it, eons ago when I actually cared about this stuff.....)
Since there was not such a place, but plenty of room, I plunked down an iron garden chair.
Not the smartest idea, as it rusted onto the white tile floor.
But then, it looked good.....
For extra storage for soaps, shampoos, etc..... I used a narrow bakers rack that I picked up... 
Probably saw it in a catalog.
On the window, I repeated the simple treatment that I had used elsewhere in the cottage.
I made it out of a small scrap of fabric that I had left over....
 from something or other....???
For artwork, I hung plates on the wall, as they were impervious to the dampness in the room.
There's always room for more plates on the wall!!!!!

That's my Cape Cod bathroom.
I hope you all had a wonderful Passover and Easter.
Mine was great.
I celebrated by myself in lots of peace and quiet.

On a different note, 
I'm very excited that Orphan Black is back on TV.
I haven't watched the first episode yet, I've been saving it.....

On an even different note!!!!!
In Game of Thrones.....
Sooooooo....., I'll finish right here.
Latah, Gatah


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