When I designed my tiny kitchen in my tiny cottage on Cape Cod, I didn't use the usual kitchen cabinets.
I told you in my last post what I made the wall cabinet out of.......
Boston Globe Magazine 1990
It's hard to see.....
but the base cabinets are actually old English pot boards that I found in an antique store in Cambridge.
Since I didn't have a picture of what I used.....
I went to my good buddy, Google, and found an image to share with you guys,
I don't know why these are called pot boards.
When I Googled the answer.....
this is the kind of article I found.....

Liquor board changes rules for marijuana grow license

Well.....that wasn't what I was looking for, now was it?????
I had the top of the one I put the kitchen sink in coated with a spar varnish that's used on boats, so the water from the faucet wouldn't hurt it.
For the one next to the stove,  I wanted a stone top, so I could place hot things on it without worrying about burned spots.
I found pieces of carrara marble from old rest room partitions at the local salvage yard.
I bought a small slab and had it cut to the size of the pot board.
Some people would have been disgusted with the idea.....
but not me!!!!! 
That's what soap and water is for.

I needed a place to hang my paper towels, 
On the side of the frig,
I used two hooks with magnets on the back and tied twine to them and then wrapped it around a bundle of twigs I picked up off the GROUND!!!!!

Being the class act that I is....
I thought the sign I found in a local junk store was pretty funny, so I hung it up for the house rules.

On the wall by the refrigerator, I hung a trio of 1940's ceramic wall pockets, 
and used them for my sunglasses storage.

now that I've shown you how clever I am.....
it's time to end for today.
On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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