Despite all the "Baby Stuff" swimming in my head, and all the 'joys' of pregnancy that goes along with it (ladies, I know YOU know what I mean ;-). I still managed to squeeze in a little bit of thrifting/shopping in between and here are my latest scores...


I could not pass this one up, and for that price, I'd be crazy to right?

Here it is in our entry :-)

$3.50 for the pair
Despite it's imperfections (it's got a lot of knicks on it's mane), the weight, material and over-all beauty of these bookends are just what I need for our growing library and book collection.

You know I'm a sucker for brass, so this babies have to go home with me.

Ok, I know she's not such a bargain compared to the others, but this lady is made by LLADRO and if you know what the name stands for, you'll see why this is such a bargain for me.

I guess I haven't mentioned that I have a small and growing collection of these beautiful and fine porcelain pieces, I have 8 so far and this is my 9th. I have one given to me as a gift and others I've also paid very reasonable prices for (from Ebay and Antique stores).
I never buy them full price or new, the hunt is what makes collecting these funner for me!

Last but certainly not the least, TJ Maxx clearance never fails to surprise me.
The original is on sale here already...

Original Price was $295 for King Duvet

Got mine for $49
Love this fish scale/rainbow pattern and I love how subtle the pink is in it too!

How about you, any great scores lately? Do share away!

Have a Great week!


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