You all know how much we love our outdoor space right?

Our Outdoor oasis
But there's always room for improvement..

And a lot of people think we're done, and in a way we thought so too, but there's always room for improvement. The dining area was causing some problems, particularly the umbrella. 

I got it 2 years ago from JC PENNEY and for the size and shape it was a BIG BARGAIN. But it's giving way, and man, looking for a replacement is a pain, really expensive. 

Also we had this problem with all our neighbors pine trees...

Seedling conifers fall from the tree almost daily, eventually fall as cones and very sticky sap
Cleaning up the patio cushions were always a pain and also the floor. We wanted better roofing coverage in that area as well.

So we decided to put something more permanent.

Daddy had some help but mostly he this  did by his lonesome. Am I not lucky?!

We love it!

The awning is retractable

We chose this type of pergola because we plan to plant vines to grow around and above it like these...



We're not sure what type of vine we'll be using but we're leaning towards wisteria.

I think we're really in for a fun summer though no matter what, pergola or not!

Hope your Summer is going well!



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