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Now on to today's magnificent post!!!!!

In Miriam and Ross's living room, I found a little table for them to put between the pair of chairs,
It started out like this.....before I got my hands and paint brush on it.....
It went between the pair of chairs.....
And was looking tall and empty.
That's because it hadn't been filled up yet!!!!!
After all, it is a magazine and book holder.
When I brought over the reupholstered ottomans, I decided I wouldn't wait around any more for Miriam to set it up the way it was intended, and I took matters into my own hands.
After all, what's the good of a book and magazine rack,
if they're empty?????

On another note, some of my friends or family.....
wondered why I painted it all the colors that I did.
(you know who you are.....only problem is, FAYE, you don't read my blog.....)
Miriam wanted it to have some pink. 
The girl loves her pink!!!!!
I tried to paint more pink on it, but it just wasn't working, so It ended up the way it is now.
After I brought in the multicolored fabric on the ottomans and toss pillows, the colors of the table made a lot more sense.
One of the problems with folks seeing a decorating job half way done, is that some stuff looks weird!!!!!
I had pulled the colors from the fabric, but until the fabric was in the room.....
some people were questioning my judgement.....
now it looks much better, but I still need to find something to put on the table top.
If you want a room to look finished, you have to fill in the blanks.
Not to bring personal stuff into my blog or nothin',
Friday was my Dad's 99th birthday.
On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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