First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your greetings of CONGRATULATIONS
for our THIS OLD HOUSE MAGAZINE FEATURE!!! You guys are the best, and it really swells up my heart to know how equally happy and proud you are of that, a big hug to all of you!

Anyway, today I just wanted to share with you  a baby shower I hosted  for one of my friend who is also pregnant like me, at our home 2 weekends ago.

This is one of those things that I should have thought long and hard first before committing since I too am at that delicate phase and eventually realized hanging streamers from the ceiling was clearly not do-able in my current state.

Luckily I have other friends who love me and her and helped out a lot in the preparation (ladies you know who you are?!), and I am grateful indeed!

So let's start off with the Baby Shower Decorations.

Just added balloons to the ceiling
Balloons -$1/15  X2 colors
String-  $1

I put my diaper cake gift in the middle and giveaways atop cake stands. 
The bunnies are to be prizes for the games.

Used Dollar Store table covers (x4) to make faux curtains -hung these using painters tape
Baby Shower sign was just borrowed

Used Flower garlands I got post-easter from Dollar Tree for 50 cents each
Egg lanterns were post-Easter finds from Target
The duckies were borrowed from another friends Baby shower

Pompoms on the food island - Another borrowed decor from my friend grace
Porcelain bassinet Card holder a Goodwill find

As you can see from my sources, I did not spend much on my decor. A lot of effort and planning ahead YES, but not a lot of dough. ;-)

For the Baby Shower Giveaways 

Simple Booties with candies inside!
Styrocups 89 cents for 24 (sale from Target)
Tags -$2.00 for 24 (Party city)
Tulle - $3.99 for 24 (Party City

Again, very affordable and I think makes it a bit more special for the celebrant and her baby.

Baby Shower Food

As you can see we had plenty !
Had to share this - A friend of ours did this! WOW!
For Big parties like these, I usually do it POTLUCK and most of our friends are always more than willing to contribute. I made only 2 dishes and provided the utensils and the drinks!
Definitely budget-friendly and always oh-so-yummy!

Baby Shower Games

I had planned on more, but we ended up playing on 3 games.
Baby Food Tasting Game for the Men - I used diapers just to make it more "FUN"!!!
The talking and eating dominated the party! 
There are tons of Free printable Baby Shower games out there, just choose to your liking!

From my IG

We also had a photobooth in the basement and I gave copies of all our photos to the Celebrant mom afterwards!

Baby Shower Gift

I already showed you How to Make a Diaper Cake, but as a brief review, here it is again...

Easy Peasy ;-)
Mom-to-be-host with the Mom-to-be-Celebrant
Gave her the Photos from the photobooth as a memento of this day and of course the cake!

In the end, no matter what budget, getting help setting up was really key to this successful Baby Shower...

THANKFUL for these 3 girlfriends who did this with me!

Say "BABIES"!!!

Hope you Have a Wonderful Week!



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