Doesn't Mean It Has To Stay There.....

OK kampers......
We left off with me telling you about Kris's Krappy Krisis!!!!!
She had snagged some pretty little watercolors on eBay, but they were in garish painted gold frames.
So, I sanded them a little to let the underlying red show through, and then waxed them in a dark wax.
Some of you pointed out, that gold leaf was traditionally laid over red paint.
You are soooo right!!!!!!
Being me.....
I already knew that.....
I am omnipotent!!!!! 
I can't figure out why some frame company would go to the trouble of under painting the frames red, just to completely cover the red with the gold!!!!!
NONE of the red showed through.
I know.....
They were just waiting for me to come along and sand them to finish the job!!!!!
(OK, Betsy, take a breath.....)

They were going to be hung in Kris's guest room.
We had originally hung plates that Kris had found.
As I had told you last post,
I felt they blended too much into the wallpaper.
This is where the title of today's post comes into to play!!!!!
"Just Because You Hung Something On A Wall.....
Doesn't Mean It Has To Stay There.....!!!!!!!!"
I changed out the four top plates with the four reworked watercolors.
I think it looks much better.
The prints stand out from the wallpaper, yet work with the colors and theme of the space.
The finish on the frames now blends with the mirror...
 (that I gave to Kris.....I am such a good friend!!!!!)
Here's another of my stellar side by side comparisons!!!!!
We just have to finish the wall to the right of the beds.
We have reframed some needlepoints that we grabbed at an auction, and are just waiting for the framer to finish another couple of little floral paintings.
I love the way this room is turning out.
It's a very "Betsy" room.
Kris was kind enough to give me my head on the decorating, and I ran with the bit between my teeth!!!!!
Those are horseback riding terms.....
 we used to own horses at the same stable.....
We do a lot of things together.....
We also sold them at the same time.....
Horses are a full time job.
I wanted to be retired.
I'm off on another tangent.
before I drift any further into the workings of my warped mind.....
Latah, Gatah


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