I was supposed to share something different today but this is just too exciting for me not to share now!

I got my JULY issue of THIS OLD HOUSE MAGAZINE yesterday and our Reading Nook is featured there!

How we got to this room CLICK HEREHEREHERE & HERE

We couldn't believe it! And our boys are in it too!!!!!

I need to give a BIG THANK YOU to  MEGAN BAKER, Assistant Editor  & STEPHANIE BROAD, Assistant Photo Editor of "This Old House Magazine", who have been very patient and helpful in putting this feature together. 

Ipad Issue
The photo they used for the issue
This is truly a dream come true and here's hoping it won't be the last!

So if you can, please check out the JULY ISSUE of THIS OLD HOUSE magazine and read the article for yourself!

Have a Fabulous Weekend friends!


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