As I browse thru the myriad of current baby items around, I am amazed at some of the things that are available to these precious babies. Some a bit 'weird'...

Homedics Sound spa
not sure what it's for but I added it to my registry ;-)

and a lot, precariously & 'ridiculously' expensive....

$2,395- 4,140 Ducduc Morgan Crib

$3,950 + 250 shipping - Nursery works Vetro Crib
Same kind Baby Blue Ivy has (Beyonce' and Jayzee's kid)

$5,236 Pumpkin Iron Crib
Would work well for a Cinderella-themed nursery right?
All you need is a fairy Godmother to watch over your little one!

Solid 24K gold Egg Dodo Baby Basket -$12 Million
The plastic version costs 'only $2,500, a 'bargain' compared to this one!

Magic Bath Baby Hot tub -$2,186
Really? Do you want to introduce your baby to this kind of luxury this early?;-)

The Roddler - $4,495
Customized Alligator or stingray leather seats anyone?

If your asking if any of these are on my wish list? Nah - I do love my baby but I'm no gazillionaire and I think even if I was, that much money would be put to a lot of much better use in my opinion. 
Anyway, it is a free country, and people can buy what they want, and not what the baby really needs right?? 

As for my choice of baby gears, I've done my research and I think my choices would be perfect for us.
I'll share them with you some other time!

Have a Fabulous Day!


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