At last, after almost giving up on my Wall HERE, I finally found the perfect solution that I absolutely love.


I found the shelf here on Memorial Day and ordered it right away (Free shipping was too good to pass up)!

Yup, got it from a Kid's store
So pretty
It was the perfect size and look! I just think it's really pretty. But yes, I can't believe I found the right sized shelf for this wall! I almost gave up and was thinking seriously of putting up a nice cork board or art work to display, but then I saw this - it was meant to be. :-)

When my hubs hung it I felt something was missing though. And I realized it looked "too white".

I initially wanted to paint it gold, but my hubs would not have it, he said I'd eventually grow tired of all the gold and I think he was right.  So I just added this gold-stripped gift wrap I scored from TJ Maxx last Christmas, on the back and I think I'm satisfied... for now... ;-)

So after months of searching, I finally don't have this empty wall and have something pretty and useful on it!

Now my next project will be replacing this....

I'm guessing with how "fast" I make my decisions in matters such as this, it would take me a couple of months or a year!!!!

Sigh. it never really ends does it?! ;-)

Have a Great Weekend!


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