Remember when I posted about "Chasing a Chaise" back in April?

Well I mentioned briefly afterwards that I did find my Chaise but it had to be custom-made, so it took a long while to get it and now it's finally here!

I ordered it from ARHAUS in St. Louis and I thought everything would be fine and dandy until delivery date...

After all the talk and email back and forth with my store rep, I (stupidly enough too) didn't notice the city address was wrong...

Actually it wasn't all my fault because when I placed the order in the store, I specifically corrected the store rep with the zip code and city name, so I assumed, that it was corrected already, without bothering to double check the final order form (talk about being excited)!

So instead of getting the chaise on May30th, it went back to OHIO and I had to wait another 3 weeks!!!!!
I was sooo upset thinking I could relax on it that day after a long days work, but no, disappointment like this sucks!


Luckily ARHAUS realized it wasn't at all just my mistake and refunded me all the shipping cost. I decided for a couple of hundred dollars (yes, it cost that much to deliver it since we were considered out-of-state-status), I figured I could wait. And here she is....

My Living room Spot!

Love that it's not too soft and not too hard, just right enough to sink in or lounge in

I love the brass railheads 
I love putting my feet up and watching tv  to movie with the kids
This chaise is a gift, from my hubs. He wanted me to feel comfortable with my pregnancy and when the baby comes and I am absolutely ecstatic about it!

I can just imagine relaxing here with baby sometime in the near future!

I need to still fix up our living room for the summer and with my new chaise,  it just might get me motivated to do it soon!

Have a Great Weekend!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


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