Like I mentioned on Sunday, I also did a lot of shopping in Destin. 
But of course, one my favorite stop was an Antique Mall.

Pair of Brass Giraffes - $ 32
This is my favorite find there, really beautiful but so heavy as well!
I think these can double as dumbbells if the need ever arises!

Set of 4 beautiful oriental rectangular plates -$6

Beautiful slender gold-rimmed dishes $3.50
And before I left for our break, I went antiquing with some friends at Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
These two below are my favorites.

Brass Bucket -$15

Gorgeous Federal Mirror
I'm not quite sure where to put this one yet, so I temporarily hung it by the staircase. 
I know I will find the perfect spot soon, I always do, for pieces I truly love. ;-)

Shopping truly is fun with girlfriends around!
BTW, the BAR on the top pictures is where the move "GONE GIRL" was shot - Ben Affleck played the owner of this actual bar!

Hope you have  Wonderful Spring Day!


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