When I planned my kitchen, I always had this Chandy in mind for my Breakfast area…

lighting love


However, budget constraints and other priorities made me push back on getting this lighting. 
So we kept our old one…

Not bad
I got this lighting from Overstock.com when we moved into the house in 2010. 
We didn't have any lighting at all in this area and I love the contemporary look.

But when the kitchen was done, I knew that I will have to change the lighting since it looked too small now for our table and breakfast area all together.

So last Valentines/President's day Sale, I finally took the plunge and got a deep discount on the lighting I always wanted from Lumens.com!


It also looks great at night…

Brighter and better

I kinda got excited taking all these pictures, but truly, I'm so happy to make this change.
And I'm glad that I was right to love this lighting for my space all along!

Have your ever made a choice and waited and waited and looked and looked and ended up going back to your first love like I did?

Hope you have a Great day!


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