Since we fixed the reading nook in my Tween Son's Bedroom , I thought it was time to fix my little man's walk-in closet. Actually, it's more like his TOY closet really.

I actually fixed this up 2 months ago, but never really have gotten around to posting about it.

 Here is what it looked like BEFORE...

Yes, he's a 'hoarder' like his mom :-)

Dumping ground for unused clothes, toys, etc...
So one day, I did this...


Did a lot of editing already

Added his own small corner for reading which he loves to do

Clothes for the week which we ready on the weekend - He loves this system a lot and gets excited fixing himself up in the morning!

His Chore & Responsibility chart - he gets a Dollar Store prize at the end of the week!

But I thought this area still looked too busy...
It is indeed a huge progress from what it looked like before and I'm happy to say 2 months after, it looks the same. I still need to do some tweaking on this space, but over-all, my little man is happy and I am too!

Have a Great Day!



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