Ho Kay Kampers!!!!

Connie has moved into her new home, so we can start talking about what she and I have been up to.
The first thing to do when attacking a new space is the floor plan.

Let me repeat myself!!!!!

The first thing to do when attacking a new space is the floor plan.

You can't build a body without the skeleton, and you can't plan a design without the floorplan
I've always wanted to do a room with back to back sofas, but never had a living room large enough.
This one 
It almost wasn't big enough.

On the right side of the plan is the built in bookcase.
I have a picture of it from when the previous previous owners who lived in the house.
You know.
the owners 
the people who sold this house to Connie and Chris.
The doors  and drawer in the middle are actually one big door that swings in to access the master suite.
It's a hidden door!!!!!
I think that's pretty cool, but I don't like the look of this bookcase, and I am going to rework it to fit more with the style of our design.

Let me show you how the previous owners had their furniture arranged in this room.
View towards the window, the bookcase is out of this shot and to the left, on the wall opposite the painting.
So, there was a seating area down by the fireplace, but not flanking it.
And there was a seating area by the window.
But a big part of the room was left open as a hallway.
Now this isn't needed as the main central hall is just on the other side of the wall that holds the painting.
The room is pretty, but Connie and I want to go for more drama and a more contemporary vibe.

Now let me show you the owners before these guys.
They had a very different sense of color and style.
Here you can see how the bookcase is situated in the room.
There are a pair of chairs flanking the fireplace, but they really aren't a part of any grouping.
There is still a lot of open floor space.
This is a difficult space to furnish if you don't think outside the box.
let me show you my floorplan again, this time with some of the furniture labeled so you can understand it a little better.
This is the bare bones of the room.
Connie and I can always add small pieces to flesh it out.
Next post, I will show you the antiques we found!!!!!

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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