Today I am going to start strolling down memory lane, and begin to show you guys the cottage I renovated on Cape Cod when I was younger and foolish.
Decorating Magazine 1990
There's a split down the picture because this is scanned from a magazine, and it was a two page spread.

I had a fantasy that it would be marvelous to have a little vacation home by the ocean.
On Cape Cod.
I was out of my friggin' mind!!!!!
I started looking around the cape.
Of course it's easy to get to the Cape in the winter, when I was looking at real estate.
Try getting there in the summer, when I actually used this house.
Your whole life becomes scheduled around trying to beat the traffic.

this is what I first saw when I found my little cottage.
It was part of a group of 8 cottages that had been made into a co-op, so the land was owned by everybody, and the individual units had a 99 year lease.
It's similar to a condo, only different.........
 I know, I know.....
here's a side by side of the before and after, just to show you much I changed
 this piece of crap sad little cottage.
It was right, smack on the ocean.....just sitting at the top of the sea wall.....nothing between the view and the house!!!!!!!

Which meant, nothing between the hurricanes and the house.

I was young.
I was idealistic.
I was stoopid.
I fantasized about having my morning coffee looking over the ocean.
There I am doing it!!!!!
Over the next week or so, I will show you the renovation and
 how I did what I did and why I did it.....
So, let me just give you a little peak of the inside, because I really don't have time today to write a long post.
Decorating magazine 1990

I need to go for my walk, so my body doesn't fall apart any more than it already has.
And don't forget I'm working my behind off trying to finish the ottomans for Miriam's living room before her baby shower.

on that note.....
Latah, Gatah


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