Last post I showed you guys what Connie's bedroom looked like when the house was owned by two previous families.
Today I will show you what our plans are to transform the space into Connie's serene resting place.
She wanted peaceful.
She wanted pretty.
She wanted me to talk a little less.....
two out of three ain't bad!!!!!
This is the floorplan that she approved.

Excuse my sloppy drafting, I am retired and didn't have a template......

This room has been a lot of fun for me because it is outside my usual style.
Connie is going for a different feel in this house than she had me do on her last two.

We chose an upholstered bed with nickel nail head trim.
Here's a shot of it in the store, Pineapples and Palms, where we saw it.
As Kevin from Beverly Hills would say...."Very chi chi chi!!!!!"
We are having it upholstered in a creamy white fabric.
The club chairs, across from the bed, are going to be in the aqua and cream print.
Connie also liked the white chests of drawers we saw, so we're putting one against the wall, next to the doors leading to the pool.
It's from Bungalo 5, as are the night stands and desk
The chest is called the Savoy medium 3-drawer.
The night stands are going to be in the same white finish.
They are called Piedmont 1-drawer.
For the true glam factor, we are doing a mirrored table as Connie's desk.
It's called the Console Laura Mirror.
Connie just wanted a small surface to set up her laptop.
If I hang a mirror over it, it will have the effect of being a vanity.

Here's a collage I made of all the furniture in the room.....

We still need to find the table that goes between the club chairs, but that's for next season,
We will fly Drape It (my workroom of choice) down to measure the windows for the draperies.

Connie and I are fighting over the box over the doors.
She doesn't want to get rid of it.
She claims only I notice it.
I pointed out that several readers of my blog didn't like it either.
And she said.......
"That's because you pointed it out!!!!!!!"
So, I thought I'd point it out again!!!!!
I think I'm going to loose this battle.
Only time will tell.......
On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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