Come on in and see my little house by the water......
When I was designing the remodel/rebuild of my tiny vacation home, I hit the salvage yards with a vengeance.
I found this door with a round stained glass window that screamed at me 
"Take me home and use me!!!!!"
It needed a lot of chalking and paint to make it functional, so it probably wasn't the most practical of choices.....
but then living on the ocean isn't the most practical of choices.
For the outdoor sconce I chose a classic onion light that reflected the nautical theme.
The storm door was the old fashioned wood kind that has both a glass and screen insert for the change of the seasons.

Once you stepped in the door, there was a clear unobstructed view of the ocean.
I had a pair of French doors installed directly across from the front door to accommodate the view.
On the other side of the stained glass front door was the kitchen.
Boston  Globe Magazine 1190
When I raised the roof on the house I had several sky lights added.
In the kitchen I had a stained glass window framed in to rest just below the sky light, so it would be lit by the sun.
It repeated the feeling of the front door.
I wanted the look of a vintage stove, and found this one in a second hand appliance shop.
It cost 50 dollars and worked great.
It's from the 1950's.
Maybe if it had been from the 1960's it would have cost 60 dollars?????
Decorating Magazine 1990
Over the stove, below the rose water color, I hung a pair of alphabet prints of my initials.....
I love my initials.....
They really sum up my outlook on life!!!!!

To the right of the stove is a wall cabinet that I had made out of a radiator cover.
Boston Globe Magazine 1990
I wanted something that had ventilation in the doors, due to the humidity by the water.
I found this in a salvage yard.
I had it turned up side down, and put a bottom on it, and added shelves inside.
See, I turned it upside down!!!!!
I thought the legs made a great looking crown molding,
I know....
I know.....
I'm very clever!!!!!
That's it for today, campers.
I've been working my fingers to the bone on Miriam's ottomans.
I did one wrong and had to redo it today, so not a lot of time to blog.

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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