OK everybody.....
Let's continue with Miriam & Ross's living room transformation!!!!!
As you enter their home, the living room is on the right, and the dining room is on the left.
I wanted the two rooms to relate to each other, so I suggested that they paint the walls a blue to go with the colors of the dining room.
It's hard to tell from this picture, but the blues are the same color.
I like when a house flows from one room to the next.

So, when we started, Miriam and I went out to Calico Corners to look for fabrics.
We brought them back to show her hubby, Ross, and he helped us decide what we wanted and what it should be used on.
Then I chose the paint color for the walls.
The patterned fabric will be toss pillows and cover the chairs at the end of the room on either side of a little table.
This positions the pattern evenly at both ends of the space.
The scrolley fabric behind it I used on the piano bench I upholstered that goes in front of the bookcase.
The fabric below I used for the draperies.
That was Ross's suggestion.
Most of the other furniture will be covered in off white slip covers.

After I did the floor plan, I had to start finding the furniture for their room.
I attacked Craig's List with abandon and glee!!!!!
The first item I found was the end table that would go next to the sectional.
I waved my magic Annie Sloan chalk paint wand over it, and transformed it into a green funky gem.

Then I found the little piano bench for in front of the bookcase.
I painted it, and upholstered it, and then added a slipcover.
I tell ya, Miriam is one lucky girl.
Then I found an old linen press.
It would go down at the end of the room, behind the chairs by the fireplace.
After going to town on it, I made it a personalized piece for them.
Ross wanted to know who R and M were.
(He was kidding)
I found a small metal table to go between the pair of chairs by the fireplace.
It was black and dirty and pretty disgusting.
Just the way I like my furniture!!!!!
After getting most of the dirt out of the bins.....
I slapped different colors on it.
Miriam wanted some pink, and I try to give the girl what she wants, 
as I figure she will be the one to help me when I am old and decrepit.....

that's it for today.
I am a slave for my niece and nephew.
I will show more on the next blog post.

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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