But, we're no quite done yet.
Here's a peak of what's going on in the house...

We're adding a huge dormer window in our son's bedroom.

Here's his bedroom currently.

Tween Zone
It's a big space but notice that there are no windows, only sky lights.

Right wall

Left Wall
We're adding the dormer more for safety reasons really.
A room without any windows, even with a skylight, is considered a 'fire hazard' since there's no route for escape.
Also, in the future, this room will officially be listed as a BEDROOM instead of a BONUS ROOM since before, it wasn't considered as such because of the reasons I mentioned earlier. 
So adding the dormer was a no brainer for us - a safer room for our son and increase property value in the long run. Oh, and did I mention, we think it would make the house more beautiful too from the outside?!

We're almost done with this one, so more decorating for me! Yey! or Yey?!

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