Yes, we are all set for this fun Holiday (like since 3-weeks-ago-ready!), and no other room in my house can epitomize our readiness more than our Dining Room!

Lots of green and black
I wanted the room to feel like witches were about to come in for a meal, or whip up some potions...

As much as possible, I did not want to repeat what I've done in the past...
So I though branches were in order for this year...

Twig Centerpiece I made - super easy
...with a lot of moss - used reindeer and sheet moss

Spray-painted some thrifted plastic fruits (ll for $1 from Salvation Army) and added reindeer moss all around

Tha Bar area got an 'upgrade' too!
Web place mats and doilies from the dollar store on my sunburst mirrors, and purple flowers, make this section Halloween worthy!
Witches have to drink too right?

Skulls and hats abound in both shelving

Draped a clearance table cloth ($2.50 each from Dollar General last year) on the other ghost chairs
If you want to learn how I Halloween-ized my lamp, click HERE. It's super easy!
Perhaps my most favorite Halloween update this year is what I did for my Dining room chairs!

Added Runner on my  two head chairs (clearance find again from last year). Tucked it up front and
safety-pinned it at the bottom - easy peasy!

And circular placemats on my other ghost chairs - nylon string and scotch tape was
my friend for this one. :-)
Simple black gauze 'drapery'

Sets the mood for this witches dinner brew...
When I was finally done with all this, again, the most valued opinion in our home for me, is that of my youngest son, since he's the guy who's INTO this holiday the most.
He said in the car as we were headed off to church,
"How did you do all the decorations mom? It's like magic!"

All I have to do now is prepare the candies and we're set for a fun Halloween night!
Can't wait to show you guys our family costume too!!!
So, how about you, are you ready for Halloween?

Have a Wonderful day!



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