I've shared with you this small corner before when I showed you my CLEARANCE BAR.

Here it is
Notice in the picture above I did not show any of you what held up the bar tray.
That's because the shelf I used there was this...

$9 shelving from Menards
I did not have any suitable table or Bar cart for that matter and since I mentioned before that both me and my husband are not big drinkers, I did not want to spend much on this area.

And so, I finally came up with a plan using this...

Got 4 of these lying around the house - typical wire shelf

I  then spray painted it Metallic Gold and then my dad helped me add Castors and here it is...


I think it looks so much better than before and the cost? $9.00!!! ($3+ for spray paint and $4+ for  all 4 castors)!!! I am so in love with gold metallic spray paint right now and I think almost everyone in the blogosphere is too! It truly can turn anything into 'GOLD'! ;-)

Added trays to hold & coral things better

Top Bar

More glasses galore

Bottom Shelf 

I am definitely pleased. 
It's easy to move around too despite not having any handles.
Now, all I need are those fancy bar accessories and shaker right?!
Hmmm, wonder if I can DIY those too?! ;-) Probably not, but maybe I can save again by thrifting for them!

Have a Nice Day!


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