While we were renovating, I got out of the house a lot.
Other than thrifting, I also visited a couple of antique malls and scored these...

Large Brass Milk Can

Brass Champagne bucket

Gold accented Decanter
Tin Server

Fire King Gold-rimmed glass bowl with lid

Letterpress Drawers/shelves

But my most favorite find is this...

A genuine Mink Shawl!!
Makes me feel glamorous! Now I just have to go somewhere fancy enough this winter to strut it around!

I know that it's not PETA-friendly, but wouldn't it be a shame to burn or destroy this thing, knowing that it was made during times we didn't know any better?! That's just my humble opinion, hope nobody takes it against me. I got it at a great price too and so I could not resist. 

Have a Great Weekend!


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