After a month of work, 7 blog posts or more on the kitchen renovation, and your untiring patience to all my queries, rants and raves about this kitchen, it's finally done!!!
And I am so excited to share this with you all!


Huge improvement...

Major Improvement...
Definitely almost unrecognizable from BEFORE.....

Remember this?
I'm sure, if you've followed me throughout this 'saga', your excited to see some of the details of our new kitchen.

Let's start with the Sink and oven area....

My Diva-licious sink area!
The Cabinets & Countertop area...

Love the contrast of brown and white

The tiles just sparkle day or night!
A place for some of my Milk Glass Collection

The Island

So much more efficient

Functional and easy access

The Pantry Cabinet

Golden Goodness!

Added these gold screens for some oomph! ;-)

Really looks like cabinet furniture!
The Office Area

My Command Center and Online therapy center for my son!

A Chance to display some of my other collections!

So what do you think?!

I will shell out details on the blog as the days go by, so bear with me as I continue blogging about my new kitchen!!! I also haven't shown yet the breakfast area and I'll explain why on my next post. Let's just say it needed some updating and fixing and made it not viewing-ready yet!

Thank you to all of you for the support and patience with this project!!!!
If you want to check out the other posts about the kitchen, check out the LINKS below!

Happy Labor Day and have a Great Week!



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