I am a huge Candice Olson Fan.

So much so that other than 'devouring' episodes of her shows and reading her books,  I believe that my design aesthetic and tastes have evolved with her design style in mind!

However, when I set out in designing our kitchen, I think it was the only time, I DID NOT open my Candice Olson "reference" books. And still in the end, I think my style has mimic hers! Well. at least I hope it has. ;-)

Take a look at these kitchens...

via Hooked on houses
Contemporary kitchen with a lot of bling!
via DecorPad
Family Friendly and warm wood tones.
via DecorPad
Glamorous but functional.
via DecorPad
White and dark with a peninsula cooktop.
via HGTV
Display shelves and useful breakfast island.

via HGTV
via HGTV
Modern yet warm kitchen.
via HGTV

Our Kitchen - A Candice Olson Wanna-be?!!!

See the mix of wood and white?!!
And also the sparkle with the lights and of course the 'exotic tiles' for her backsplashes?
Come on, Indulge me a bit, don't you  think I could make Momma Candice proud! ;-)

Have a Great Weekend!

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