I've been searching for this tree for a very long time.

I don't know why it was so hard to find. 
Maybe because if there ever was a plant that was considered "IN" in decorating, this would be it.


I went to all the local garden stores. 
Heard rumors on the blogosphere about Lowe's having it, and I went, still none. Also went to Home Depot &  Menards, you say Plants and I'm there, looking for this tree.


Finally, on my last fit of 'desperation', I went to WALMART.
Lo and behold, hiding behind the palms, on CLEARANCE, is the elusive FIDDLE LEAF FIG TREE!!!!!


I think I got too excited and hoarded them all!;-)
There were 6 and I took 4 since the other 2 looked pretty bad already or I would've taken them all!

$4.00 each!
Here it is now by our breakfast area window...

Hope they will grow big and tall! Can you just imagine?!

Breakfast area

The trees will make the space more chic and fresh!

Another one by the  Living Room

I really hope my Fiddle Leaf Fig trees thrive and survive! I'm no gardener so these babies are not in 'great hands' to begin with! I got them the "SPA" pots - ones where you water from the spout in the bottom rather than have to water the soil from the top, really hope this helps.

So if your looking for your own Fiddle Leaf Fig, try your local Walmart. I heard from Tiffany over at "Living Savvy" that Lowe's has the actual tree right now too! 

Hope you have a Great Week!



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