I left off on Friday showing you guys how far I've come on Kris's coverlet.
I had gotten to this point.....
Kris had informed me that she would like the stripe to be the edge of the bedspread.
Friday night I was sitting relaxing in my TV chair, having my evening bottle glass of wine.....
thinking about how long the spread would be.....
and how I didn't like it so long......
It was going to throw off the proportion of the bed shirt.....
When I realized!!!!!
I could cut off a stripe and sew it where I wanted it!!!!!!!
I called Kris is my wine induced glow, and shared my pearl of wisdom with her.
that's what I did, 
and I will now show you how I did it!!!!!

I thought I would have to go back over to Kris's and pin the fabric where I wanted the edge to be.....
but then I realized!!!!!
I have a queen size bed in my home too!!!!!
So, I could use it to figure out the width and length of the coverlet.
I am so smahrt!
I pinned it and then cut both sides to the dimension needed. 
Then it was time to make the trim for the edge out of the stripe.
I used my transparent ruler to line up where I wanted to cut it.
I love this tool.
I just made sure that it followed the stripe, 
then I used my rotary cutter to cut the fabric.
I cut both sides, what a pain in the @$$.
One of you guys wanted to see what my blind hem foot looked like, so I took a couple of pictures.
This is a great pressure foot for sewing a straight line along the edge of a piece.
Here's a shot of the bottom, the flange that sticks down is what follows the edge of the fabric.
I folded the fabric under and using the blind hem pressure foot, sewed along the folded edge.
I did this for both sides of the tape I made.
See how I was able to sew right along the line?????
Then I folded the tape I had made over the cut edge of the coverlet, making sure the red stripe was showing on the front.
The back of the coverlet would just have the plain yellow stripes showing,
I pinned the whole edge, just to be on the safe side.
Then, using the regular pressure foot, I sewed the tape to the main fabric following the red line.
This is how it looked on the back.
Remember, I wanted both sides to look good, as I was folding this coverlet over, and the back would show too.
Then I put the blind pressure foot back on, and sewed along the edge of the folded under tape along the back of the coverlet.
This would hold the back edge down, and make a cleaner look.
This is how the back turned out, before I ironed it.
Then I sewed along the edge of the front of the tape.
So, this is how it looked finished!!!!!
Here it is in the room.
Kris loves it, 
as well she should!!!!!
Once the bed skirt is on, it will be bangin'!!
Now we just need to get a night table for the left side of the bed, a lamp, a rug and artwork, 
oh, yeah,
and a toss pillow in front of the shams.
And the dust ruffle.
Of course the other side of the room needs a #$% load of work too.....
But I love decoratin'!
and I find this fun.

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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