Another fun and obvious fact about me is that I am a huge collector.

I started with stationaries, stickers, candy wrapper and pig figurines when I was little (Ok, I also went thru  a boy band phase with the MENUDO - latin boy group in the 80's for the unfamiliar).

I've never outgrown my love for collecting, and so other than my milk glass collection in my kitchen, I have other things that I collect that have not been on the spotlight on my blog.

And before the Christmas decorations came out, my collections had a brief moment to shine in our home.

Like some of the books I collect...

Gotta get them out of the library sometime right?

I'm so in love with these Penguin books - have more titles to get ;-)

And you probably noticed how much I love BRASS right?!
So I thought of showing off some of the Brass I collect...

Sitting pretty in my Dining room

I love these - timeless candlesticks can go anywhere!

Did I mention I collect Brass Apples too!

I think GOLDEN APPLES are just so pretty!
My Dining room is just glistening in golden brass!
And honestly, I think collecting is genetic too!

Take a look at what my sons collect...

Snow Globes, skeletons & Lord of the Ring items
Got to use the Letterpress Drawers I scored Antiquing a while back

Some Disney Characters that my younger son collect

Matchbox collection too

Come to think of it, my Dad collected Horse-themed decor and my mom has these gorgeous celadon vases & jars! I therefore conclude, that yes, collecting is in my DNA!!!

How about you? Is it in yours too?

Will be busy preparing for Thanksgiving and the Dinner Fund-raiser, and hopefully squeeze some shopping in between, so maybe I'll see you all next week!

Wishing you a  very Happy Thanksgiving!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


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