I am truly in love right now with the FAUXIDERMY TREND right now.

And with the gorgeous Fall season in full 'bloom', what better way to celebrate Life , and Death ;-) than thru these nature-inspired decor!

Like these from Z gallerie

They come in all sorts of material too from paper...
West Elm's 

... to Cardboard puzzles....
From Urban Outfitters
.. and even Cable knit covered ones..

Would look amazing for a Christmas mantle!

 .. to metal and inflatable plastics!

Also From Urban Outfitters

There atypical versions too such as these Dog heads...

Anthro doggies
and this  outrageously priced one of a walrus head...
Walrus Bust by Ivar Theorin - $1,250

They can range from weird...
Squirrel and tail
to fabulous...


Decor pad
Decor pad
I am totally smitten with this!
And though we live in the south where the wild things run free and hunting is as common as hiking, we just haven't gotten ourselves into it yet. 

And so, as an 'ode' to the south and my love for fauxidermy, I incorporated some in the best space for these in my home - my son's bedroom!

I got my 'fix from TJ Maxx for $12.99 each. :-)

Excellent place to hang Medals too!

How about you? are you a fan?

By the way, if you have the time, check out Rea's blog, "Home 4 Sweet home" - she featured my Home HERE!
Have a Great Day!


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