Hello Everyone!

Hew! Wasn't sure I'd make it to writing this post, it's been CRAZEE BUSY lately!

First off, my little Aidan was sick for a couple of days.. :-( .
 I missed one day of work and had to take care of my little man. 

Second, we attended a fun fund-raising for the Illinois Society of Autism
Fun because it was a masquerade and wouldn't you know it, I won again on the Door prize raffle!!!!! 
A bunch of kiddie books that I could use for the clinic and to give out to the little ones for Christmas! 

Third, I know you all have heard about the devastating Typhoon that ravaged my home country… 

Tacloban,Leyte Philippines

 A BIG 'Thank you' to all who emailed, texted or called me asking how my family was. 
Truly, this Holiday season is all the more meaningful because of all our loved ones' and friends' safety. However, as you probably know by now 6 million are still affected, and me, my friend Vivian and Blogger friend and Chef, Malou Perez-Nievera from "Skip to Malou", decided to hold a small fund-raising dinner here at my home!!!! 
And with that said, a lot of planning, invitations needed to be made etc.! 

Simple Invite I made for the upcoming dinner

To top it all off, I finished our Christmas Decorations too!

Nah! This was last year, just joking!
Anyhow, I'm sure you got tired too just by reading about this all right? 
But hey, I'm still the lucky one right? 
To get to do all these things and share once again to you… sheer bliss!

Let's get on with Christmas shall we.
I'll start subtle and slow since I don't want you 'inebriated' (a very popular word right now in Toronto with Mayor Ford, tsk tsk tsk..) with too many Christmas yet because if you think I'm HALLOWEEN CRAZEE then for CHRISTMAS, my crazeeeeness is 10x over! ;-)

Our Snowflake Chandelier
This is what the Chandy looks like originally
I dded these Crystal Garland I got from Crate & Barrel years ago - used 2
and hung this large beaded snowflake I got from TJ Maxx last year

I then added these small snowflake ornaments on the bulbs
(scored those from Khol's last year at 75% off)

Isn't' it pretty?

It was very pretty too I think.
But truly in love withy this one - so sparkly, perfect for the holiday season!
There's more to see in the Dining room, but It's actually the one room that's not 'done' yet. I have a DIY that I want to make for this space. But let me end this with another eye candy… Both my large windows currently have this….

Lighted Capiz Star Lanterns I brought home from the Philippines 2 years ago and lighted garland I got 2 years ago too from Menards. 
This looks really lovely both from the inside and from the outside!
Lanterns are everywhere in most parts of the Philippines except for sadly the affected areas… wishing on the star right now for some relief, comfort and hope to the victims of the typhoon and their families, because right now, other than the little help we can give, that's all that I can do and pray for…

Have  A Great Week!!!!

*VEL *


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