We spent my son's birthday weekend in Chicago.
He wanted to go the the Art Institute again.
I was not surprised at all because my son is a walking encyclopedia of sorts and he loves the stories and details of some of the most famous artists and art works.
So of we went and here are some of my faves from that visit.

Let's start with some European Art...

Gagliardi Sculptures
Bust of Amphitrite  by Adams 1725

Love the detail and colors - sorry don't know the name and artist

No details again but just reminds me of Renaissance paintings by Michaelangelo

Centerpiece: The Scarf Dance 1901

Head of Medusa  by Canova 1801

Hebe and the Eagle of Jupiter by Rude 1852

Bust of Said Abdullah of Darfour by Cordier 1848

Bust of an African Woman by Cordier 1851
Now, on to our favorite section of the Museum, the Impressionist art...

The Beach at Sainte  Adresse by Claude Monet

Perhaps one of my most favorite painting and would your believe I forgot who painted this masterpiece?!
The clouds just seem to move here, it's amazing up close.

Two Sisters (on the Terrace) by Renoir
The Petite Cruise River by Claude Monet 1889

Self Portrait by Vincent Van Gogh 1887 and some extras ;-)

House of Parliament by Claude Monet

Water Lily Pond by Claude Monet 1917-22

Water Lilies by Claude Monet1908

Cliff walk at Pourville by Claude Monet 1882

The colors up close - AMAZING!

Bordighera by Monet 1884

The Girl by the Window by Edward Munch 1893

Woman and Child at the well by Camille Pissarro 1882

And then some modern and American art...

Model of the Flamingo Sculpture by Alexander Calder 1974 & Boy by you-know-who ;-)

The next 3 are the AMERICA WINDOWS by Marc Chagall

Forgot to get the name and painter but this is so beautiful up close, like a photograph almost

American Gothic by Grant Wood

City Landscape by Joan Mitchell 1955
Reminds me of Kerry Steele's art

 by Franz Kline

Chair By Issey Miyake

Another chair By Issey Miyake

Greyed Rainbow by Jackson Pollock 1953

Ready to Wear by Stuart Davis

Grey Diamond by Ilya Bolotowsky 1955

It's a huge museum and we were not able to savor and see the entire collection. 
The kids had a lot of fun, me and my hubs were the one tired of going on further (sorry kids)!

And of course what better way to end our visit than to photo-bomb one of it's most famous painting...
A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat 1884

Have a Great day!

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