I'm a little bit close to my third trimester.

This was a couple of weeks back

And during this time, most families begin their 'nesting saga' so to speak, with much gusto and with full bravado.


I for one, you all know, have not been slacking on this important detail in our life.

You have probably seen my Nursery Designs already, so you know it's been a pre-occupation of mine for a while now.

However, the reason as to why I haven't done or executed any of my nursery plans yet is this - I am in no hurry to finish up my nursery since I plan to have my baby share our bedroom for awhile.

Yes, you read it right, I am planning to nest first with baby right in our own Master bedroom.

The decision was clear for us from the start and here are our reasons:

1) Baby's nursery is gonna be on the 2nd floor of the house. Our Master Bedroom is on the ground floor. You can imagine the dilemma and eventual weariness of going up and down the stairs already right?

2) Culturally, as Filipinos, this is the set-up we grew in to and the set-up I had with my 2 boys as well.

Why you may ask? Well, houses in the Philippines are usually not big enough to accommodate an extra bedroom for babies, and even if there was an extra room, this was more often allocated for guests and relatives  (or house maids) who often come and visit with the family, so baby ends up sleeping in parents room as long as possible.  

I guess I'm doing this again out of 'habit'????

3) It's just EASIER for everything to be arms reach when you have a newborn and recovering from a C-section as well.

We know having the baby in our own bedroom would give us more 'work' than respite but in the end, convenience of having our baby close by, wins against our 'restful night debate'.

And so with these reasons, I have been looking at families who co-share their own rooms with their babies!





I don't plan on putting my full-sized crib in our bedroom, just a bassinet and the changing table for some of baby's stuff. But overall, this last room sort of mimics the layout I have in mind.

I know this decision of ours is not for everyone and definitely not for the majority of families, but then again, it's our choice and we feel it is the right choice FOR US.

I will still set-up the nursery, for sure, but with some delay, and now you know why!

How about you? How did you sleep with a newborn? Sounds familiar or remotely absurd? When did you have your baby move into the nursery, right away or after a few weeks? months? Please do share your experience. I would love to hear them.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


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