It is now time to show off the footstools I redid for Miriam and Ross in their living room that has been decorated by moi!!!!!!!!!
This is what they looked like before I redid them.
Wellllll...... not really.....the footstool on the left we ended up replacing with the one on the right below.....
They supply a place to rest one's feet or extra sitting if there's a crowd visiting.
I used the same white fabric as the chair slipcovers for the tape I made to edge the bottom of the footstools.
This visually united the two pieces, even though the bodies were in different fabrics.
I made toss pillows out of the same blue patterned fabric that covers the ottomans as well as the pair of painted chairs in the back of the room.
I also made bigger ones for the sectional.
This way the pattern is spread over the entire space.
with a new baby in the house, 
everything is topsy turvy.
My great nephew came a few weeks early, and we hadn't gotten all the furniture for his room yet.
No worries,
we have 10 new fingers and 10 new toes in perfect shape, 
so I try to tell myself that's all that matters.......
He is very cute,
Perla the wonder dog seems fine with him,
and I still haven't changed a diaper........

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


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