I hope you all had  a wonderful weekend everyone!

Today is the last day of this "Winter Blues Series", I hope you enjoyed the last two since this one is the 'less blue' of all. Actually, I have more jewel tones in this room than in any other.

The house looks almost empty post-holiday doesn't it? But also feels more relaxing.
As always, it starts with the pillow change. These 2 - the denim and the country toile are both from IKEA I bought about a year ago but only got to use only now. I also switched back the lamps.

Coffee table didn't change much. Just added my amber grapes for the Christmas beads and added all the brass.

Brass galore on the piano

I think my pair of KERRY STEELE watercolors look perfect with all the brass along with the greens in my orchids.

Aisian-inspired console
I planted some Amaryllis which hasn't bloomed yet, so I placed my faux ones here first.
My Mantel is simple but I love how the painting captures all the colors in our living room

More Jewel tones here

The throw is a gift from my friend Grace.

Do you see Sophia's Playpen peaking behind? I need fix that area fast before she starts crawling around.
That's all folks! Thank you so much for following along!

Have a Great Week!



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