Hello Everyone!

Thank you so much for all your sweet and wonderful comments about my TOP 5 POSTS
I do feel like you guys are family too since you've been a witness to one of the most important change in our life -  the birth of SOPHIA!

It's funny how this blog started out to be an outlet for something so 'trivial' as home decorating and blossoming into some sort of personal journal already! I really do hope that someday, my kids will browse thru this little blog of mine and find out more about me and our life!

Anyway, back to the 'trivial' things! ;-)

Today I want to share with you the first of 3 rooms in our home  which I call the 
"WINTER BLUES" series. 

Why? Well take a look...

Yup, the BLUE palate is definitely a stand-out!
Despite the name, I am SO HAPPY with this "BLUES SERIES" ! 
Did I ever tell you that BLUE is my favorite color?

My Blue ceramic collection is indeed growing

I moved most of my blue ceramics from my Kitchen sink. Remember this?

My collection has grown from this already
The ones on the right of the tray including the mini tea set and jar are from my mom

Would you believe these flowers lasted all the way from my birthday?? I celebrated Dec. 23 and shot this January 10!

The 2 biggest Ginger jars are scores from ROSS and the big one in the middle with the baby's breath (which are from Sophia's baptism -Dec.7-  is my recent score from TJ Maxx Clearance :-)

The plate behind is from an Antique store and did you notice that glass sticking out behind?

See? It's a recent score from WISTERIA!

I really love the vibrant color

I added some blues too on my mirrored shelves.  The dragon teapot is from my mom
and the plates are a score from TJ MAXX

I hope you enjoy this mini post-holiday tour of my Dining Room!

I'll be showing the Master bedroom/Nursery next time.

Hope you all have a Fabulous Week!
Stay warm!



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