It's been a couple of weeks since I posted, 
leaving you guys with a cliff hanger.....
But I am back to remedy that situation!!!!!

When last we met.....
I was telling you about framing some artwork for Kris's guest room.
I was talking about reframing this pair of needlepoint pictures.

 As you can see, the frames were pretty beat up.
The black didn't work in the grouping we were creating.
They needed to be reinvented.
I liked the old gold liner behind the black, so we decided to keep that.
Kris and I took a trip to our local high falutin' custom framing shop in Cambridge Massachusetts.
When you step through the doors, you're inundated with a cornucopia of fabuloso frames.
 Walls and walls of the things.....
 We had a really wonderful woman help us choose frames and mats.
We spread everything out on the table and went to work.
When I concentrate.....
I tend to get tunnel vision...
and I don't watch where I'm going.....
 Notice this stack of pictures leaning against the desk??????? 
 WELL, I DIDN'T!!!!!
I had a framing accident.
on my leg!!!!!
(the above picture was taken, after all the blood was cleaned up.)
The medic was called in,
this place was fully stocked for idiots JUST LIKE ME!!!!!
after the blood was cleaned up and the lawsuit was filed.....
Kris and I got back to the serious act of choosing frames.
We started with the little oils she found on eBay.

The difference between custom and stock frames, is the corners are made to order.
 The stock isn't just cut as needed and mitered.
Aren't they pretty?????
that's what we were looking for, for Kris.
 I wanted the look of an old 1930's style frame.
See the way the old frame from the 20's she already had looked?
It had a beautiful custom corner.
So, that was our goal.
The scariest part of the experience wasn't all the blood that was shed by yours truly.....
it was when Kris had to bring out her check book.....

 Not to be forgotten....
but any good frame shop has a dog that comes to work with the owner.....
as you can see, he's an important part of the design process,

Here are the pictures after their redo.
 Don't they look like old frames?????

We laid them out on the bed, to see how we wanted to hang them.
One down....(or should I say up????)
Since this was where the door swung open, we had to make sure it looked OK when the door was open!!!!
I liked the way the new frames worked together.
On to the next side.....

 All up!
What a #$% pain in the @$$
It is so much fun to hang a bunch of stuff on the wall!!!!!
 Now my clutter loving heart is sooooo happy!!!!!
Here's a side by side for comparison.....
I know some haters out there are going to prefer it with just the one picture.
that's the beauty of each of us having our own houses.
We can do whatever the #$% we want.....
(if our hubby's don't complain too loudly.)

On that note,
(I'm in Flerida....so let me just say....)
Later, Gator!!!


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