We were talkin' about what's up with Kris's front porch.
I had shown the house before we started.....
After we pulled off all the old vinyl siding on the front, any rotten wood that was found was repaired.
In New England there are two kinds of houses: 
Those that have termites, and those that will have termites.

But first.....another shot of my guy Nigel.
Once again, let me remind you that he's my contractor and you can't have him.
He be very cute!
Don't tell him I said so though, we don't want him getting a swelled head.
Now, look away, 'cuz you can't have him!!!!!
Isn't demoing the most satisfying part of construction???
Or is it just me, that I'm a warped pathetic old bag????
It was so great to see that horrible railing come down!!!!!
The porch felt better right away.
Why the old building inspector wanted such a high hand rail is a mystery that's right up there with the possibility that aliens built the pyramids!!!!
We didn't like the ceiling light, so we replaced it with sconces flanking the front door.
here she is with her front done.
I helped Kris choose a warm melon color, since who needs a white house with all the snow we get in New England????
The sides will be done next year.
This construction stuff ain't cheap ya know!
Notice how blurry this is?
My hands must have been shaking with glee.
We will be hanging some wonderful wood shutters in a dark green.
None of this screwing to the house, they will be properly hung, overlapping the window casings.
The porch ceiling was painted the classic sky blue.
I love when porch ceilings are this color.
We chose a soft dark mossy green for the doors, old storm window frames and floor.
The wall sconces are old carriage lights that we bought from Yankee Craftsman, a local antique light vendor in Wayland Massachusetts
We discovered them in their humongous barn, and they restored them and wired them for us.
I will show you guys our trip to this wonderful place in my next post.....maybe.....
Kris and her hubby, Keith, wanted ceiling fans, as they plan on sitting on the porch in all kinds of weather, spying watching the people go by.
They are big time porch sitters!!!!!

Here's the difference between the before and after!
I must say.....I am very good at what I do!!!!!
The house is very happy with Kris and me.
It likes it's new look.
We've found, bought and had delivered all the furniture for sitting on and stuff like that....
I'll be showing that off in the next few posts.....

On that note,
Latah Gatah


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