Hello Friends!

She's finally here to rock our world and melt our hearts day in and day out!

Thank you so much for all your well wishes, prayers and just plain positive thoughts all throughout my pregnancy and beyond! You guys have been so supportive and I can't help but feel that my blogging friends are like 'family' to me too! 

Let me tell you a little bit of story about the big birthday.

I was scheduled for C-section at 7:30 am at a hospital 40 minutes away from our home. So my hubs and I had to get up early, like 4 am, since we needed to be there by 5 am for prep and all. I woke up at 2 am, and could not go back to sleep anymore - excitement, anxiousness, whatever it was, it kept me up, until it was time to go.

Selfie before being wheeled in
Everything was routine and I was wheeled in into the Operating room around 7:15am. We were all happy, including my OB, that we could all start earlier than planned. And then the 'not-so-lucky' thing happened... you see when they had to put in my Spinal Anesthesia, the nurse anesthetist  was having trouble. She first tried 3x and failed... She was so sorry and could not understand why she couldn't get into the right spot. I was very patient too because I knew this was no easy procedure and I did have a history of being a difficult back stick (with my 2nd one, a resident tried 4x and failed before the attending got it), I just kept on praying they get it because we might have to postpone or do  another form of anesthesia which I was not ready for.

The Anesthesiologist was called in, and he was apparently the 'sharp shooter' of the entire hospital. We thought he got it the first try but after 11 minutes of waiting for the anesthesia to kick in, we knew it was another failed attempt since I was still feeling everything! So he came back tried 2 more times before he finally got it! That made a total of 7 pokes on my back+ more for the local anesthesia they put in!!!

Anyhow, my OB got Sophia out at 8:29 am and hearing her beautiful and strong cry just made me cry myself! I was just so happy. My hubs left my side to see her and take those precious first moments and by the time I saw her I was sobbing with joy - perfect. Our pediatrician, who is actually a close friend of ours,  congratulated us and gave us the thumbs up. God is great.

So now we are 1 week into her life and still learning from each others new and old routines. She is a good baby and although my breast milk is not enough yet to fully satisfy her, I know it will come in time. But for now, I'm wallowing in sheer bliss knowing she is finally here - fine and healthy, and that for sure life can only get better from here!


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