Last year, I wrote a post on my PLANS for the Basement Guest Room HERE.

Sadly, this plan was shoved for the a lot of other projects in and out of our home!

And because our current Upstairs Guest Room will be turned into our Nursery soon, and with my mom coming to help us out, we needed to fix our Basement Guest room FAST!

A futon is not the most relaxing bed for 3 month

So this Labor day weekend, hubs, son and I started on improving this space!


I think this will be comfy enough for my mom for a while,  don't you think?
We had to cover this hole going to the crawl space

My Dad made a wooden cover for this that would slide in and out but even with that ingenious cover, it was still an EYE SORE. So I thought of adding the curtains....

I added a Sisal Rug and got the Upholstered Headboard from WALMART months ago & it had been sitting in the box in storage for a while, bought the Mattress the same day we set up the room (taking advantage of Labor day sales ;-)) ,Then got the quilt set & Bed skirt from TARGET, all other things in the room including the makeshift side table are all ours.

We were pretty happy with the result but we're not done yet...

1) We need to add a small closet here on this narrow space beside our old TARGET armoire where a TV is in right now.

2) Fix up the is side of the room. The table is way too big and I have to do some arranging still.

3) Cover up this huge storm door. I am thinking of curtains again or do something with the door, not quite sure yet. Any suggestions?

Reflections from the mirrors inside the room

I think my mother will be quite pleased with her room for the next couple of months. :-)
Have a Great Week!



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