Thank you all for your positive comments on our Master bedroom/Nursery and all your well wishes for me and baby as well! They are truly appreciated!!!!

This week is the week for my baby's arrival,  and so before I go on a little bit of  'maternity break',  I just wanted to share with you the final touches of this room and the basement guest room in the next couple of days. 

Personalized crib

I added this beautiful name decal from JUSTFORYOU DECALS on ETSY...

 I know usually these decals go on the nursery wall, but since we don't have the real nursery ready yet, I put her name here! I think it's really pretty. :-) I also added the gold glitter bunting decal I got from TARGET ($12.99 for 1 set) to add to the design.

Lovely Name Decal up close 
I just did the bunting on the other side of the crib
 I also added the bunting on our changing table so that the furnitures will match!

We also finished out Master Bedroom gallery wall...

Wall of Love :-) for me and hubs

I got the LOVE print from ETSY as well from MISS POPPY DESIGN.

And with all of these, this room is D-O-N-E!
If you missed the reveal of this room please CLICK HERE.

Next time I'll show you the DONE Basement Guest room which my mom is currently enjoying by the way! So glad she's here, I'm so swollen all over I can hardly do anything at this point! THANK GOD for moms and all they do for us 'kids'!!!

Have a Great Week Everyone!



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