Hope your Mother's Day was super special for and your families!
Anyway, on my continuing "Kitchen Renovation Saga', let's talk about positioning our cooktop.

As you can see in our current kitchen the cooktop is on the island...

My husband suggested moving the island on the opposite wall behind like this...

Looks pretty nice!

This looks nice right?!

And initially I thought it good too. 
However, being the cook in the family, I wanted to mingle and watch things as I cook. 
Also, I did not want to face a wall as I cook - that's just me.  
So we went back to the original lay-out....

Cook-top stays on the island. The big change of course other than a new island, would also be the overhead vent instead of a drop-down one. That way, I can watch movies or videos as I cook and also see what my son's browsing at on the computer (remember this cooktop will be facing the kitchen office)!

The big disadvantage though of having your cooktop on the island? Having splatters or spills going towards whoever's unfortunate enough to sit there!
But, there is a solution, and you'll see it once I show the final Kitchen Island design.

How about you? Are you happy at where you cook now?
Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

Have a Wonderful Mother's Day!

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