Like most of you, I bet your bath does not look like this...

or this...


.. Or maybe a big 'YES' for some. Definitely not mine. 

However, we all try to make the best we can, and so, one day, here's what I did with my tub...

Small oasis of respite

Used apothecary jars I have collected from TJ Maxx, filled it with bath salts, spa[ and sponges. I also added a fish-fish bowl also from TJ Maxx filled with more scrubs. I also have a JA candle to add ambience and of course my favorite foam baths and soap scrubs (one made by my son).

Call me VAIN but I love my mirror on my tub

Real sea sponge I scored at an Antique mall

Eventually moved the sponge here

A place to relax and unwind
Do you try to decorate around your tub? What is your favorite bath routine?
Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


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