Do you collect these?


Obviously I do...

Ever since we came to the U.S. 
whenever we go somewhere that has the machine that makes these, I'm there.

Aside from the sentimentality, I love that these souvenirs are relatively inexpensive,
easy to lug around and my kids just love turning the wheel and seeing their prize!

I didn't want to keep them in a bottle forever since what is the point of a souvenir if you can't appreciate (or see ) them right?

I thought it best to display them like this...

Penny Wall art

Closer look...

I got the frame on clearance from TARGET. This is what is originally looked like...

I was gonna get a Shadow box, but for the size and price, this wall art was way better. 
I removed the backing and added contact paper.

Added my TJ Maxx Laura Ashley Contact paper
I chose contact paper because it's easy to cut (lines on the back) and the pattern in front made 
it easy for me to align my pennies! Win-win!

Of course you can use fabric or gift wrap for this too.

Laid them out...

I initially hot-glued some, but I clumsily burned myself, and so I decided to just use
double-sided foam tape to attach them.

I'm happy with the result but my little one is much happier I think - he loves looking at them all the time now and tries to recall the places and what we did there!

I still have one more penny to add and hopefully, after our upcoming trip, this set is complete... until the next set that is!

How about you, what do you collect when you travel?
Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

Hope you have a Lovely day!

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