I had a super hectic weekend and  week, in between school plays and my sons 1st communion, I had to squeeze in a 1st communion party for him and a friends daughter as well! Hew! Anyhow, I wanted to share with you what 's happening with my planned kitchen renovation.

So let the designing process begin! Let's start with the Pantry Cabinet. This is what is looks like now...

Silver eye-sore :-(
Here are my inspirations...

House Beautiful's Kitchen of the Year in 2008 by Christopher Peacock

I fell in love with the above picture in 2008 and have kept the clipping on my Craft room wall for a while now..


Design by Christopher Peacock

Aren't these latches beautiful?!
I also want this hardware to go with those icebox latches above....

Cabinet jewelry for me
And here is the initial design by Heather Lapham, the Design Coordinator for E.A. Knight Contractor based on my specifications...

First Draft

The white color was just a bit 'too much white' for me since the other cabinets on top and underneath my counter tops would be white already. I also wanted drawers at the bottom  because I noticed that in my pantry, I usually end up putting my 'neglected' pantry items on the bottom.  So with drawers, easier accesss means less 'stashing'!

 I sent Heather copies of the latches I wanted to make sure it would fit the doors. And eventually, after 2 other drafts, here is what I'll be going for...


Just imagine it with the latches above and lighting inside the very top cabinets. I wanted it to look like a huge armoire, a piece of furtniture and not just a huge wall of cabinets. I will still need to choose the molding and the other details for the legs and edges, but I think you get the idea.

Hew, one down, and a couple more to go.


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