CONFESSION: I am a lazy painter.

I will only paint something if it entails maximum of 3 steps.
Yes, you read it right, 3.

Aside from spraying something, the thought of sanding, de-glossing or whatever other step that I need to do before I can splash on the actual color boggles me and makes the task more daunting.

And so, when I did my craft room, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to try on my "Lazy Painting" technique without causing much damage. After all, I am PLANNING to re-paint our laundry cabinets and the entire basement kitchen cabinets. So what better way than to start out small and inconsipicuously with my craft room cabinets!

The materials I used are these...

Along with brushes of course ;-)

I love this product! Covered all the holes and small scratches easily. And the best part about it, I DID NOT NEED TO DE-GLOSS! I actually bought a deglosser for back-up just in case the primer didn't cut it, but IT DID! The de-glosser went back to Lowe's the next day.

I waited about half a day before I applied my actual paint, but really, this primer dried up in an hour!


LESSON LEARNED: If your going to paint this 'LAZY way', I should have bought a better brush.
I can see the lines from my Dollar store brush. :-(

3) TAPE 

I did not remove my cabinets from their spot, so I had to tape around the walls and edges in order for me to prime and paint properly.

you can see the streaks from my cheap brush here

We are pleased with the results ( my husband actually wanted to start painting our basement cabinets  right away!)  But I am not sure if the results would be as good if we used a glossier paint finish.
The next cabinet I'm painting is this one...

Yellow maple has got to go

... before we paint MORE cabinets.

I'm painting it black, so I may have to get my primer tinted grey and see.
Anyway, I'll let you know how I do, once I get to it. :-)

Have a Great Weekend & Happy Painting!!!!

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